My name is Teri, I am boudoir photographer; my mission is to encourage and guide anyone who decides I am the right fit to feel more empowered and sexier than they ever did before.

I specialize in boudoir and other intimate portraiture. I love the beach, mud runs, tea, beer, wine, and staying healthy. I love music, movies, friends and laughing as much as possible. I am a mom, with the two most adorable, ornery little kiddos that I could have every asked for. My son, Karter, is a giant hockey fan who loves school, Legos and, you guessed it, fighting with his sister. My daughter, Emmalynn, is my tiny little dancer who loves trying only the things she wants, playing with friends, and being a stinker to her brother. I used to firmly believe that these two were my reason for everything I did, but then I remembered I was also so much more than just a mom, which is one of the best jobs so don’t get me wrong! 

I pretty much always loved photography; even though I didn’t take one single class until 2009. See, I was much more into being the perfect student in school than into the arts like I am now. I was in the subprime mortgage industry until it crashed in 2008, I jumped into leasing apartments, which I disliked; and it was about that time that I realized I had to make a change, I had to figure out what I was passionate about. That is when I started my journey into the world of photography. 

I started out as a second shooter to a wedding photographer. From there I branched into solo shooting for weddings and families. I hold a certificate in digital photography and am close to completing my bachelor’s degree in commercial photography. I have taken way too many photography classes and workshops to even begin to tell you about, but what you should know is my education is important to me and I do spend time working on it.

One day I was sitting around in my slow season, bored, so I posted an ad in a local Facebook group, looking to just do something creative. I had a woman contact me who did props. We talked for a while and I realized what I wanted to do was attempt a vintage style boudoir shoot. I will let you in on a small secret, this shoot became a production; it became a cluster of crap. Some mistakes happened, but then something magical happened: I saw my models in a very different way. They went from shy and timid to bold and empowered. I followed this experience with several other boudoir shoots, and each one of these clients had some type of insecurity that they quickly moved past and started acting like freaking rock stars. I realized that I had a gift. I had a gift for making my clients feel like a total badass. Regardless of what insecurities they walked in my door with, I was able to highlight them through my own unique perspective. They all walked out strutting their sexy selves; they were empowered, they were strong, and they saw themselves a completely different way. 

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I’d like to thank you for reading my story!

Much Love, Teri